Engineering Expertise

At Siddhi Cast, you would find expertise in engineering with excellent quality as there is appropriate human and machine power applied for every process.

Ethics & Honesty

Siddhi Cast is farm believer in business of ethics and honesty. The Loyalty of customers is testimony to this practice.


Siddhi Cast is a concerned for the health of society and environment and believes in practice of green technology to reduce burden on Environment and pollution

Decade of Experience

Siddhi Cast has proven record of decade of experience marking profound presents in both domestic and export market. Today, Company has become synonymy to quality and excellence services.

About Siddhicast

Siddhi Cast Pvt. Ltd established in the year 1995 has been a manufacturer of precision investment castings (lost Wax) for more than 20 years and is one of the most experienced foundries offering this specialized process. The company produces castings in a wide range of ferrous alloys like carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steels, super alloy steels, duplex, super duplex & custom built metals and caters to international customers in the whole spectrum of markets in India and overseas in a product weight range starting from few grams to 80 kg apiece –single piece weight. The process allows the production of components of complex/intricate shape, accuracy of design, integrity of cast, reliability and integrity with wide range of metals and alloys, versatility of production & low cost repeat runs.

History of Siddhicast

The investment casting process, otherwise known as Lost Wax casting, can be traced back nearly 5000 years ago which allows the creation of solid objects from moulds. Ancient societies used bees wax to cast everything from small pieces of jewellery to large statues. During the 20th Century the bees wax has been replaced with more modern polymer containing waxes that maintain good surface finishes and excellent dimensional stability.

Whilst the process itself is more expensive per unit than other manufacturing processes, it is capable of producing parts in alloys that cannot be produced by any other methods. It can also produce complicated shapes that would be very difficult or impossible to achieve with die casting, yet, like that process, it requires little surface finishing and only minor machining.

Advantages of Investment Casting

It allows un-machinable parts to be cast near net shape
It is ideal for low volume production
It provides excellent dimensional accuracy
It can be used to cast intricate forms with undercuts
It achieves a smooth surface with no parting lines
The low tooling set up cost facilitates pre-production runs for high volume Investment Casting products